Future Schlock: The Quiet Comeback of ELO’s Once-villified Album “Time”

I’m unsure whether to pity or envy the Baby Boomer. Their mid-20th century childhoods were filled with visions of a grand future filled with stainless-steel cityscapes traversed by robots and flying cars. After spending three years riding the subway in Philadelphia, which both looked and smelled more like a public restroom than a place toContinue reading “Future Schlock: The Quiet Comeback of ELO’s Once-villified Album “Time””

Does “Soothing Sounds for Baby” Actually Work?

Name: Niko Age: Three months Sex: Male Materials and Methods Materials: Baby “Lullaby” and “Nursery Rhyme” by Raymond Scott, from the Soothing Sounds for Baby album intended for infants aged 1-6 months Control songs: “Silent Night” by Jingle Cats; “Wind on Small Paws” by cEvin Key, industrial musician/founding member of Skinny Puppy; “Sonata in EContinue reading “Does “Soothing Sounds for Baby” Actually Work?”

Let’s Start with My Childhood

It’s junior high and I’m on a bus. 1994. Around me are baggy t-shirts with the words “Nirvana,” “Smashing Pumpkins,” and “Primus.” Inside the shirts are 14-year-old boys with long hair parted in the middle. The radio is playing. I understand this station plays “alternative” music—a term the radio station repeats aggressively. The most popularContinue reading “Let’s Start with My Childhood”